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N-Sail Lake Garda

has represented Laser Performance
in Italy for 40 years

The idea of N-sail was created by LaserPerformance, and N-sail Italy is operated by Negrinautica. LaserPerformance is the international brand which is famous for its Olympic single handed dinghy- the laser and Negrinautica has represented LaserPerformance in Italy for 40 years. N-sail aims to provide increased access to the sport of sailing regardless on an individual’s age, gender, physical ability or economic status.

N-sail Italy operates at some of the best sailing venues in the world and hire the most qualified instructional and coaching staff, who use the best sailboats and equipment. As a matter of fact, Negrinautica make it a point to provide N-sail centres with new sailboats every year. N-sail offers sailing courses for all age groups and skill levels, from young children to senior citizens, and from beginners to sailors racing on international circuits.


Federazione Italiana Vela, the italian sailing federation, is the reference agency for everything about sailing in Italy. It counts ca 112.706 members and 735 sailing club. It is part in CONI, the Italian Olimpic Commitee and it is member of ISAF, International Sailing Federation. N-sail Lake Garda is a sporting club and a sailing school officially recognized by FIV. All the activities (ashore and on the water) organized by our staff follow the rules of law and security expected. N-sail staff is highly specialized, coaching later of years of internazional sailing experience on youth and olimpic racing course.


A little Laser, a lot of fun! This boat is the benchmark for teaching children to sail in Europe due to durability and versatility. The Pico can be used for everything from beginner “learn to sail” sessions to children’s race clinics.

Suitable for:
Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 and Level 2

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This boat can easily fit 4 adults and provides a stable platform for adults learning to sail. With a pull of the spinnaker halyard, the Bahia can be transformed into a performance racer.

Suitable for:
Stage 4, Level 1 and 2, Seamanship skills and Performance Sailing

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The Vago is one of the most versatile and stylish boats of its kind on the market. It has a unique modern design for single handed trapezeing up wind and down. The Vagos’ interchangeable horsepower allows sailors to be graceful in a breeze.

Suitable for:
Stage 4, Level 3, Performance Sailing

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The Laser is the World’s most popular adult racing class. We have all three rig sizes available, two of which, the Laser Full Rig and the Laser Radial Rig, are Olympic classes.

Suitable for:
Intro to Laser, Start Racing, Performance Sailing

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Dart 16

The Dart 16 is the fun and exciting catamaran in our fleet. It is easy to sail and can be enjoyed solo or with your family.

Suitable for:
Stage 4, Performance Sailing

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Suitable for:
No rental

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Safety boats

We use Tornado Ribs, the most popular boats in use by sailboat coaches and for rescue. The hull is designed with a very narrow V-shape and high lifted bow, which helps to secure remarkable sea keeping properties for a boat of its size.

Suitable for:
All courses

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About us

The idea of N-sail was created by LaserPerformance, and N-sail Italy is operated by Negrinautica.


The boats

The boats of our fleet are always up to date models. They are in perfect condition and regularly serviced the staff.


The sailing center




N-sail Lake Garda S.r.l. Società sportiva diletantistica
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Tel: +39 3664433674

Mail: info@n-sail.it


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