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private coaching

N-sail Lake Garda offer a training service at Lake Garda.

Training service is everything a sailor needs.
Trainings have a high quality logistic organization: briefing, marks, individual and personalized videos, specific water activities for every sector: starting procedure, conduction, technique, tattic and regatta strategy, debriefing. The sailor has multiple services also ashore: special prices at the club, special accomodation prices, conventions for Winner Optimist and Laser charters. Moreover, our customer have free access at club services: restaurant, classrooms, gym, changing rooms, showers, parking, bar. Our Clinic are organized during the dates close to the lake events, and are focused on the performance optimization of the race. Coaches are very welcome, cooperation is always the best solution! Moreover, we organize custom trainings based on your needs! According to the requirements of the sailor, the main theme could be the starting procedure, the regatta strategy, or the downwind boat management in strong wind conditions. We organize trainings for everyone, for every level. Private coaching or group trainings. N-sail Staff is highly specialized, working at Lake Garda after years of international sailing experience on youth and olimpic racing courses.

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Laser clinics

Description: Throughout the season clinics are available before each major laser event on Garda. We have different clinics for different the different classes and will have a 'pre event' training focus to help to you prepare for the regatta.

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Regata Coaching

Description: If you want to join an event, a race, but you don’t have any type of logistic support, this is the best solution for you. A Laser coach will follow you ashore and on the water, to manage the race in the best way: weather, logistic, the fleet, your strengths and weaknesses, providing you psicologic and practic support, staying on the water on the rib.

Dates: on request

Prices: 75 Euro per day in a team, 150 Euro per day for private coaching.

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About us

The idea of N-sail was created by LaserPerformance, and N-sail Italy is operated by Negrinautica.


The boats

The boats of our fleet are always up to date models. They are in perfect condition and regularly serviced the staff.


The sailing center




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